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Press On Veneers

From Bad To Beautiful

a non-invasive affordable smile makeover

by brighter image design lab

Our Custom Fitted Lab Direct Press On Veneers Makes All The Difference
The Right Fit is the Magic! So many times clients tell us Press-On Veneers work by holding the veneers to the the tooth without glue or any other adhesives to produce Dramatic Professional Results!
We cover the Smile Teeth for comfort and aesthetics.
Our Simple Four Step Press On Veneers Process Is Easy Our Simple Four Step Press On Veneers Process Is Easy

Just follow the illustration above to understand how our Press-On Veneers in 4 Easy Steps Procedure is very simple. Start by placing your order online. Then Step #1, we express you our lab direct system by courier. Then Step #2, Open our system and read the four point instructions to properly bite down on our impression trays. Step #3 After successfully taking your impressions you return them to our dental lab along with front and side photos of your existing smile (we provide the postage paid envelope) where we then fabricate your custom fitted Press-On Veneers - made the same way we do for cosmetic dentists – Then Step #4 we express your custom fitted Press-On Veneers back to you. IT’S THAT EASY!! Now you have received the exact custom fitted Lab Direct™ Press-On Veneers without paying a dentist. Lab Direct™ saves you 100’s, it's that easy.

Impression Instructions Click Here To Learn More About Our Press-On Veneers>>